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The Jungle Bush Quail is a species of quail found in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Very different from the female, the male Jungle Bush Quail has a white moustache, heavily barred white underparts, and variegated wings. The female has a uniform, rich chestnut breast and belly. However, both the male and the female have red and white streaks on the head.The diet of the Jungle Bush Quail consists mainly of seeds. particularly of grasses, although it also takes insects. Breeding takes place after the rains and lasts until the onset of colder weather, with the precise period varying across the range; five or six eggs are produced and incubation takes between 16 and 18 days.


Male Jungle Bush Quail
Male Jungle Bush Quail, Tamhini
Female Jungle Bush Quail, Tamhini
Jungle Bush Quail
Jungle Bush Quails, Sinhagad Forest Area
Male Jungle Bush Quail, Saswad
Male Jungle Bush Quail, Saswad


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