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The Jabiru is a large stork found in the America. It is the tallest flying bird found in South America and Central America, often standing around the same height as the flightless and much heavier American Rhea. The adult Jabiru is typically 140 cm long, 250 cm across the wings, and weighs 8 kg. Large males may stand as tall as 5 feet. The beak, up to 30 cm long, is black and broad, slightly upturned, ending in a sharp point. The plumage is mostly white, but the head and upper neck are featherless and black, with a featherless red stretchable pouch at the base. The sexes are similar, although the female is usually smaller than the male. While it is an ungainly bird on the ground, the Jabiru is a powerful and graceful flier.


Jabiru stork, Pioneer Plaza

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