Indian River Tern

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The Indian River Tern is a bird in the tern family . It is a resident breeder along inland rivers from Iran east through Pakistan into India and Myanmar to Thailand, where it is uncommon. It does not occur in Sri Lanka. Unlike most Sterna terns, it is almost exclusively found on freshwater, rarely venturing even to tidal creeks. This species breeds from March to May in colonies in less accessible areas such as sandbanks in rivers. It nests in a ground scrape, often on bare rock or sand, and lays three greenish-grey to buff eggs, which are blotched and streaked with brown.


Indian River Terns, Tambave Lake
Indian River Tern in flight with its prey, Girinagar
Indian River Tern, Saswad
Indian River Tern, Saswad
Indian River Tern, Kavdi Pat
Indian River Tern, Kudje Gaon, Khadakwasla

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