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Bustards are all fairly large with the two largest species, the Kori Bustard and the Great Bustard, being frequently cited as the world's heaviest flying birds. In both the largest species, large males exceed a weight 20 kg, weigh around 13.5 kg on average and are capable of attaining a total length of 60 in.


Great Indian Bustard

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The great Indian bustard is a bustard found in India and the adjoining regions of Pakistan. A large bird with a horizontal body and long bare legs giving it an ostrich like appearance, this bird is among the heaviest of the flying birds. It is unmistakable with its black cap contrasting with the pale head and neck. The body is brownish with a black patch spotted in white. The male is deep sandy buff coloured and during the breeding season has a black breast band. The crown of the head is black and crested and is puffed up by displaying males. In the female which is smaller than the male, the head and neck are not pure white and the breast band is either rudimentary, broken or absent.

Kori Bustard

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The Kori Bustard is found throughout southern Africa, except in densely wooded areas. This species occurs in open grassy areas, often characterized by sandy soil and short grasses. It may be found in plains, karoo, highveld grassland, arid scrub, lightly wooded savanna, open dry bushveld and semi-desert. They follow fires or herds of foraging ungulates, in order to pick their various foods out of the short grasses. They may also be found in cultivated areas, especially wheat fields with a few scattered trees. Most nests are found in sparsely wooded savanna with sparse grass cover.

Lesser Florican

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MacQueen's Bustard

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