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The Asian Pied Starling is a species of starling found in the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. They are usually found in small groups mainly on the plains and low foothills. They are often seen within cities and villages although they are not as bold as the Common Myna. They produce a range of calls made up of liquid notes. The flight is slow and butterfly-like on round wings.

This starling is strikingly marked in black and white and has a yellowish bill with a reddish bill base. The bare skin around the eye is reddish. The upper body, throat and breast are black while the cheek, lores, wing coverts and rump are contrastingly white.


Asian pied starling
Asian Pied Starling, Science City Kolkata
Asian Pied Starling
Asian Pied Starling, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve
Asian Pied Starling perching, Panje


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